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When you advertise on Family Digest media, your ad is seen by a targeted demographic of people who are seeking information on family, love & relationships, parenting, health, beauty, and food. Our readership is comprised of individuals who buy consciously and actively search out businesses and products that show them love. A little about advertising on Family Digest.

1) Prices are fixed per month for unlimited viewing and click through!
2) Our competitive pricing structure and marketing will maximize your exposure.
3) Advertising spaces are limited on each page, so be quick to secure your spot.

When you purchase ad space on Family Digest, your ad will appear on many webpages at once, providing maximum exposure. Ads are located as shown below.


If you have questions, would like to purchase online ad space, or would like to discuss our powerful sponsorship opportunities, complete and submit the form below. If the form below does not work for you, please send us an email at Advertisers [at] FamilyDigest [dot] com.


  • We accept payment via checks, PayPal, and Credit Card.
  • Payment for ad must be received no less than 7 working days before ad launch.
  • Ad space must be reserved no less than 7 working days prior to ad launch.
  • Ad artwork must be submitted to us 7 working days prior to ad launch.
  • Cancellation notice must be received three working days prior to ad launch.


  • Ad must be accompanied by a URL link that is active when submitted.
  • We accept GIF, JPG, Flash, or Flash video files.
  • File size limit is 25K for all ads.
  • Animated .gifs must stop looping after three rotations.
  • Flash files must be clickTAG enabled.
  • Video ads may auto-play, but audio must be initiated by the user.

We reserve the right to not accept ads that we think, in our sole discretion, are not consistent with Family Digest’s mission and vision.

“Years ago, when we decided to publish Family Digest Magazine, we were told by major advertising agencies, marketing firms, and many giant consumer products companies that Black people were not interested in ‘family’ and ‘parenting’ information. Yes. I was told this to my face. We disagreed and moved forward. Family Digest became America’s only publication written to address the unique family, parenting, relationship and health interests of Black Americans — with nearly 2 million readers each month, nationally. Many outstanding

Darryl L. Mobley
Darryl L. Mobley

major companies supported Family Digest magazine with advertising. A number of years back, we decided to convert from paper-published to total digital delivery of Family Digest content. We were the first national consumer magazine to go 100% digital. Advertising agencies and advertisers thought we were crazy to move away from paper-published. Now, most every major magazine is trying to move to all digital. So. Here we are and here you are. We are on a mission to strengthen Black America. Join us. Let’s move forward and get smarter, healthier and happier – together.”  ~ Darryl L. Mobley, co-founder & publisher

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