Black Family Today: We’re Getting Pregnant! What Do We Do Now?

My husband and I have decided to get pregnant and have our first child. What are the important things we should agree on regarding childrearing?

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Reflect on your value system and agree on certain principles that you both hold deeply and want to pass on to your children.

Remember that parenting is a partnership. Both must participate in caring for your baby’s physical and emotional needs, and continue to as your child grows.

Plan to create some special moments just for the three of you. These memories will be yours to treasure many years from now. Be involved with friends and extended family, but not so deeply that you fail to establish your own traditions.

RESPECT for each other helps create a home environment that is warm and loving.

You must seek some time just for the two of you so that you can keep the romance in your marriage. A couple who stays in love makes better parents. You started out as a couple and will end up as a couple once the nest is empty. Though you are just preparing to nest, the years move swiftly.

A strong spiritual base is a must. While taking care of the physical and emotional needs, begin early to give children that special spiritual anchor that will sustain them throughout life.

Agree to give your child as many learning and cultural experiences as possible so that she will have a world-class attitude toward life.

Agree not to give him everything he asks for. Children who have been given everything are usually spoiled brats who grow up to be obnoxious adults. They think the world owes them everything on a silver platter. They seldom know the value of anything, especially hard work and responsibility.

This advice for the Black Family is contributed by Emma M. Talbott, author of The Joy and Challenge of Raising African American Children


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