How to Help Our Black Kids Deal with Profanity and Prejudice

So, you are a parent. You’ve heard your child swear. You probably worry about the impact prejudice will have on your kids. It’s always something! This parenting thing is a 24/7/365 job. There’s always something to worry about or deal with. Here’s how you:

…react when your child uses profanity.
Blue language is so accepted in society today that one half expects to tune into Sesame Street and hear how-to-help-your-kids-deal-with-prejudiceCookie Monster drop an F-bomb. (Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet.) With the widespread use of profanity, it should come as no surprise if your child uses a swear word. Though profanity no longer is as frowned upon by polite society, you can nip your child’s swearing in the bud by:
· Not egging on your child by overreacting;
· Making your home a “no-swear” zone; and,
· Rewarding your child for expressing frustration in positive ways.

… help kids cope with prejudice.
It’s natural for children to notice color and other physical differences as early as three. It is only after children begin to receive messages – subtle or otherwise – that they begin to react to others out of prejudice, rather than curiosity. African American parents can help their children cope with prejudice by:
· Having discussions about prejudice at an early age;
· Strengthening their child’s sense of self with exposure to Black History; and,
· Teaching their children anger management skills and rehearsing appropriate responses at home.

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